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As one of the measuring tools for parts, the checking fixture has the advantages of practicability, rapidity and timeliness that other measuring means do not have. It is the simplest, most economical, most accurate and fast way to use checking fixture to control and ensure that the matching of parts and components can meet the design requirements in the actual loading process, so as to meet the performance and appearance requirements of the whole vehicle. On-line inspection of parts is realized by means of checking fixtures at the production site. For this reason, parts need to be accurately installed on checking fixtures, and then Parts'surface and periphery can be inspected by visual inspection, measuring table or caliper, and the connection positions between parts and holes of different qualities can also be inspected by visual inspection pin or visual inspection, so as to ensure that the parts are real in production. Quick judgment of part quality status.

Our company can test the quality of products, practicability, distance and all other products.


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