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Domestic mold manufacturers should expand scale and improve quality.


With the continuous progress of mold processing technology, China's mold in the high-tech drive and pillar industry application demand, formed a huge industrial chain. From the upstream of the raw and auxiliary materials industrial processing, testing equipment to the downstream of the machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, daily necessities and other major applications of the industry, the development of plastic mold  show  huge vitality.

At present, the application scope of plastic products is expanding, and the level of mold processing is also improving. At present, there are many domestic enterprises producing moulds, but the scale is small and the technology content is low. The products produced by small mold enterprises are basically imitations, and there is no extra fund for product research and development.

But in the purchase of mold , people can not only consider the price, but also should consider more about quality. For many buyers, a reasonable price is the best option.  The price of many high quality imported molds is several times higher than domestic mold. But the market space is still huge,  because of  guaranteed  quality . And a few domestic mould manufacturer are forced to reduce the price in order to get the order. But ignore the quality. So  the mould is shoddily made. It cannot bring high grade mould quality for the client,
Domestic mold manufacturers should expand scale and improve quality.


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