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Mould Inspection Flow Chart

Mould Inspection Flow Chart

Quality Policy : full participation, full process control, overall improvement, to the pursuit of product zero defect.

Company orientation : A determined and dauntless enterprise, to be one of the first class mould manufacturers in the world by continuous efforts.  

Raw Material TestNDT TestMaterial CertificateNDT ReportHardness & Size Report
Standard Component TestHardness & Size ReportOperation Specifications
Standard Mould Frame TestStandard MOULD Frame Test Report
Copper Electrode DetectionCopper Electrode Detection Report
Process In spectionTest after each Machining (CNC,EDM,Polishing)Process Test Report
Heat Treatment TestQuenching and High Temperature Tempering,                        Nitrogenation, Distressing, Quenching, Nitroge-carburization
Assemble Procedure TestInspection Report of Mould Test
Moulding TestInspection Report of Mould Test
Mold-Disassembly TestMold-Disssembly Test Report
Product TestFAI all size test ReportCMM Test CenterMold-Disssembly Test Report
Delivery InspectionMOULD Test(Appearance, Spare Parts, Manual, Etc.)Shipment Check List
Packing Inspection(Material Quality, Size, Collocation, Etc.)The Report of Packing

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